Wide Angle

Before I take my camera out, the first thing that catches my eye is color. Sometimes, nature provides a vibrant, interesting color scheme, and other times city colors stand out in striking contrast. Next I notice the line and shape of the shot. I use lines not only to emphasize my focal point but to establish and complement the boundaries of the photo’s frame. Whether a photo is symmetrical or not, the lines and shapes always work to balance it and leave an impression. The final component is the light hitting these elements at the right angle so that it brings the subject to its most beautiful. I aim to capture those brief awe inspiring moments to share them with others.


Close Up

Sometimes the little things are worth a closer look. Close up photography allows me to bring out the detail and texture that a brief glance might miss. Our eyes take in so much so fast, and when the grand scale is too overwhelming I look to individual subjects, highlighting an intricate tulip petal, a bumble bee busily working, or a love lock on a bridge. I aim to show the beauty in the small things.